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Accurate Vehicle Inspection in Winnipeg

At Unicity Paint & Body, we are able to offer complete vehicle inspection services in Winnipeg. We use a variety of techniques to assess the frame and body of your car or truck and we have the tools necessary to repair any issues that we may find.

We offer the following services:

  • 3D frame measuring

  • Frame repairs

  • I-Car certified welding – resistance, mig, and silicon bronze

  • 4-wheel alignments

It’s pretty much impossible to keep your car in perfect shape forever. Accidents happen and when they do, Unicity Paint & Body is here to help make all the repairs. Call us or bring your vehicle into our shop today for a free estimate.

Steering wheel

Steer Away from Driving Issues

Whether or not you’ve been in a collision, our experienced team can help you avoid driving issues with our vehicle services.

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